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The aim of this site is to get the ego's out of ALL sports. It is only when a sport is played by the team with everyone playing their part and pulling together...Even when it all goes wrong...Learning NOT to apportion blame, but to take the positives out of everything that happens..Only when you Win Together...Lose Together can you Win As One...

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Steve Hayes adds Sketches Steve Hayes adds Sketches

Steve Hayes adds Sketches

More Steve Hayes Magic

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Pencil Sketch Of Panic in Action

Pencil Sketch Of Panic in Action

.Steve Hayes joins the team

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Sail East Mersea 2014

Sail East Mersea 2014

Gusts of 28 Knots and reaches and fetches..Not the best course, very enjoyable none the less.

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TB4E Weather Station

Weather Station

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TB4E are proud to be associated with the Sail 4 Cancer charity and the TB4E shop will soon have plenty shirts and hats for sale, so we will hopefully raise some much needed funds for them. We propose to donate 5% from every sale. This has been made possible by clear to see giving us a special price, so please support them and visit their site, they do ALL the graphics for the team.

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Mark Deverell from Weymouth has a hat and wears it all the time..

“I was up on top of the Dorset hills the other day in rain, driving wind and minus temperatures, the hat is warm, waterproof and comfortable” “A brilliant product, it works!”

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