100 guaranteed payday loans -Payday direct: Guaranteed loans for bad credit

The momentary card even up to PLN 2,000 is a new offer from the Maltby company, I will remind you that until now the company offered its clients a payday of up to PLN 1,500. The loan repayment period remains the same and can last from 1 to 31 days.

Payday direct: Guaranteed loans for bad credit

Maltby’s offer was already presented on my blog, you can still express your opinions on Maltby and read more about the company. A novelty in the company’s offer is the payday PLN 2000 which has appeared in their offer in recent days. This means that both new and regular customers of the company have the option to submit a loan application for guaranteed payday loans for bad credit at https://www.purplepayday.loan/. As the Maltby offer is a payday, the repayment period does not differ from other companies providing payday loans and can range from 1 to 31 days.

Who can get a loan through Maltby? Virtually every person who is already 18 years old and has an ID card. We should also have a fixed income and a bank account established on our own data. As Maltby belongs to intermediary companies in granting loans, it does not check the data about its clients in the databases of debtors or BIK databases. However, it can be done by the company, which will ultimately be transferred our loan application.

Moment of 2000 PLN in Maltby is one of the higher limits of payday for new customers. As with most companies providing online payday loans without checking BIK, the first loan is provided for free. This means that at the time of repayment, we have to pay exactly the same amount as we borrowed. However, we must remember the timely repayment of the loan in advance. Any delay in repayment of this or another payment may result in additional charges.

At the end, it is worth mentioning that Maltby belongs to the Aaron company. For several years now, it has been successfully operating on the Polish market.